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Headed to VMworld? These are my suggestions…

VMworld 2018 is coming up fast!  VMworld US will be in Las Vegas again this year from August 26th through August 30th.  VMworld Europe will be November 5th through the 9th.

This will be my third VMworld conference. I went in 2015 (San Francisco) and again in 2016 (Las Vegas). Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years…

    • This is very important!  There is a LOT of walking at this event, EVEN if you’re staying in the Mandalay Bay.  In 2016, there were days where I broke 20k steps.
    • Between walking through the airports to get to/from the conference, to walking around the convention center to get to sessions…  If you’re not normally a heavy walker, make sure you get comfortable shoes and BREAK THEM IN BEFORE THE TRIP!  You don’t want to be dealing with blisters at a conference! 🙂
  • CHARGERS, Chargers, chargers!
    • Whether you plan on using your device(s) on the plane or to take notes in VMworld sessions, make sure you not only bring wall chargers & cables, but power banks as well.  And remember to keep the power banks charged up!
    • I bought myself one of these for my hotel room.  Multiple outlet plugs and 2 Fast Charge USB ports as well.

      Poweradd 2-Outlet Mini Portable Travel Surge Protector with Dual 3.4A Smart USB Ports, Wrapped Cord Design

    • I used to have one of these.  If you’re not going to use the fast charge USB ports, then this one is handy too.  I like that the plug on the back that goes into the outlet rotates.  It’s very handy.

      Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Surge Protector and Charger (Power strip with 3 AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports 2.1 AMP/10 Watt) and rotating plug

  • Don’t forget business cards!
    • Even though each booth will scan your badge, which will get you on TONS of mailing lists afterwards, several will offer giveaways based on business card drops.
    • Also, you’ll want to give them out to colleagues for networking!
    • My employer only gives business cards to Managers and above, so I went to and got my own made up.
      • Sometimes you can find coupon codes too!  Check out RetailMeNot!  Maybe you’ll find a code for 50% off 500 cards like I did! 🙂
  • Wear comfortable clothes (professional).  Vegas gets pretty hot in August!
    • Remember, the dress code for VMworld is Business Casual!
    • I typically wear khaki shorts and polo shirts.
  • Leave room for swag!
    • I usually check a bag for this conference!  Not only because I like to sleep with my OWN pillow, but because I want to leave room for swag!  Not only will you be picking up random goodies from vendors in the Solutions Exchange, but you’ll be getting a backpack from the event!  So if you are already bringing a laptop bag or backpack to the event, you’ll now have 2 bags to go home with!
    • Also, if you’re checking your bag, make sure you stay at or under the 50lb weight limit!  I always travel with one of these!

      Digital Hanging Luggage Scale, Rubber Paint, Temperature Sensor, 110 Pounds, Silver

  • Don’t forget to set a travel alert with your bank/credit card.
    • You don’t want to try to pay for the taxi from the airport, only to have your CC get declined because you forgot to set a travel alert!
  • Lastly…  Don’t kill yourself running from session to session!  If you’re feeling worn out, take a break and skip a session.  Remember that all the sessions will be available to watch online later. 🙂


Enjoy the conference and see you in Las Vegas!


Ben Liebowitz, VCP, vExpert
NJ VMUG Leader


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