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Blogging is hard

As I type this, I see I haven’t written a blog post in over 5 months.  I wish I had a good excuse for that but I don’t.  The truth is it was really a number of different things:

1) Writing 3 books in one and a half years (from Nov. 2012 to April 2014) consumed a huge amount of time and made it hard to find time to blog.  Once the books were done I was a bit burned out and needed some time off.

2) I took a new role at EMC at the beginning of 2014 which has taken a lot of my time.  It’s an exciting new role where I get to help EMC’s Professional Services deliver the best virtualization services to our customers.  That new role has left me very little time to blog.

3) I have young kids which happily take a lot of my free time.

Another aspect that has changed is that I’ve changed my virtualization focus as a result of this new role.  Instead of focusing mostly on virtualizing business critical applications, my focus is now more on hybrid cloud and the technologies that accompany it.  I’ve been getting up to speed on vCloud Automation Center, vCenter Orchestrator, and a little bit of Application Director.  In this new role I cover all of virtualization, but I’ve been focusing on trying to learn these cloud/automation tools.

As a result I haven’t had a lot to blog about.  I may start blogging on my experience in learning these applications.  I suspect my “pivot” towards cloud automation will be somewhat common in our industry, so my journey may be relevant to others.  I’ll do my best, but I recognize I’ll never be a prolific blogger that makes 6 or 7 posts per month.

To those that are still following this blog, thanks!  I still love blogging and even writing this post has been fun.  Hopefully I can get around to producing new content soon.


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