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What being a vExpert means to me

VMware announced the list of VMware vExpert awards today and I was happy find out that I was among those who received the award.  This is the second year in a row for me which made it extra sweet.

The vExpert award is given to those who go above and beyond to promote VMware and virtualization in the community.  That includes the VMTN forums, blogging, tweeting, presenting and conferences, and many other things.  More info on the vExpert award here:

To me the best part about winning this award is the honor in being included among a list of people in our industry that I truly respect.  We have one of the best communities in all of IT and to be named in a list with some of the top people in our industry is truly an honor.

Thanks to John Troyer and the team of people who put this award together this year. I know it is a lot of hard work but know that the award means a great deal to us and we really appreciate it.  In fact I still have the email from John from 6/4/2010 telling me I won the vExpert in 2010 sitting in my Inbox.  I couldn’t bring myself to delete it or folder it.  It was a reminder of the recognition and a motivator to keep working hard for next year.

If it’s true that you are judged by the company that you keep then I think I’ll be just fine…

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