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Honored to be an EMC Elect

I found out this weekend that I was named as an EMC Elect in the program’s inaugural first year.  The EMC Elect award is similar to the VMware vExpert award in that it honors community involvement and knowledge sharing.  Needless to say I’m thrilled and honored to have won the award especially when I see my name associated with many other folks I respect.   Being rewarded for doing something we are all passionate about is what makes awards like the EMC Elect and vExpert all the more meaningful.

You can learn more about the EMC Elect award here and see the full list of winners here.  If you follow the virtualization community you’ll likely see many familiar names.

I didn’t even think I qualified for this award until Matthew Brender (@mjbrender) suggested that I nominate myself.  I ended up getting nominated by someone else in the community and subsequently won the award.  Thanks to Matt for introducing me to the program and recommending that I participate.  I still don’t feel like I truly deserve the award compared to some of the others who won, but I’m honored to be included among the winners.

Looking forward to an exciting first year in the EMC Elect program!

I won I won!!

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