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What does the name “Lowercase w” mean? Over the years I’ve seen every possible misspelling of VMware  known to man. Everything from VMWare to Vm Ware to VmWare to…you get the idea.   I’ve seen VMware  employees do it..heck even I used to do it myself!


I’m currently a Server/Storage Engineer working for a large law firm in NYC.  I’ve been working with VMware products for close to 10 years now.  In my current role, I support and maintain a vSphere environment of  3 different vCenter environments consisting of 100+ ESXi hosts all over the globe.

Over the years, I’ve been working to automate more and more of my daily tasks.  Whenever I have to do something more than once, I look to script it so I can do it again, faster.

I was named VMware vExpert each year since 2015, as well as Devolutions Expert.  You can learn more about the Devolutions products at www.devolutions.net.

I am also a Leader of the New Jersey VMUG (VMware User Group).  NJ VMUG Meets quarterly in New Brunswick, NJ.  You can find us by clicking the link HERE or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

I hold multiple VMware Certified Professional Certifications.  VCP4-DCV, VCP5, DCV, VCP6-DCV, and most recently, VCP-DCV 2019!

I’m also active on CloudCredability.com.  Get rewards for things you know about the cloud & VMware, reading blog posts, etc.  Click the link HERE to join my team!

You can find Ben on LinkedIn below:

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My name is Matt Liebowitz and I currently lead the Virtualization Discipline for EMC’s Professional Services.  I’ve been working with VMware  virtualization since 2002 and have helped customers virtualize business critical apps, implement VDI, and build hybrid clouds.

I am thrilled and honored to have been named a VMware vExpert every year since 2010 and was also named an EMC Elect in 2013.

I’m the co-author of the following books:

Virtualizing Microsoft Business Critical Applications on VMware vSphere 

VMware vSphere: Performance

Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5

I’ve had speaking engagements discussing virtualization at several technology conferences including VMworld as well as my local New Jersey VMUG meeting.  In short – I love working with, writing about, reading about, and talking about virtualization!

I hope to share tips, tricks, and best practices to help optimize your virtual infrastructure. And maybe teach a few others how to spell in the process.

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